You Lost the Weight – What about That Extra Skin?

When you try to lose a lot of weight, you wish of a toned and tighter, body. You don’t visualize excessive, loose skin. But that’s an actual likelihood, and can reason health harms and a pitiable image of self.

Why Doesn’t Skin Snap Back?

The firmness of your skin is dependent on the length of time you were overweight. It is of mere importance that how much pounds you shred. The lengthier it was pushed out, the less tendency of it to rebound.

The point of disappointment:

It’s disappointing to patients who have worked such hard and showed great commitment to their journey of losing weight. Now, if they are come up with new bodies with additional skin that doesn’t show their struggle.

Other harms to skin:

In addition to the unwanted looks of your skin, it can uproot a backache, infections, and rashes. Moreover, it can prevent you from being super active as you wanted.

Bothers and Burdens:

In addition to the embarrassment loose skin causes, it also leads you to have yeast infections and rashes.


Sweat becomes imprisoned, and you can have a rash. Therefore the application of any good quality cornstarch or powder is recommended as it will aid in the absorption of humidity.

Wearing of Loose garments:

While loose clothes can assist you too, loose skin makes it more difficult for you to get in shape.

No Easy Fix:

Gaining muscles will aid in the plumping of your skin, but there’s “no wonder lotion” or medication that will move and pull it back for adjustment. It is something that requires surgery. It can be costly. And, less than half percent of the patients acquired the desirable body shape according to researchers.

Loss of reconstruction:

Companies assert that such treatment is for cosmetic aims and does not reconstruct.

Anyhow, the most usually treated areas are tummy, arms, breasts, thighs, backside, male chest, and face.

If you keep the weight lost for six months, a physician will only eliminate excessive skin. And they will only treat not more than two areas at a time. In this way, the risk of complications is eliminated.

Scars after surgery:

No doubt, Surgery leave scars, but they can commonly be hidden with garments.

  • Body-Image Issues

In fact, not everyone wants to go for surgery. It may cost them high or may cause them feeling of fearfulness. Moreover, chances of success are not 100% which leads the people to think before going to have surgery if they should go for it or not. Another reason includes the presence of extra and loose skin acquired after surgery. People may feel a wastage of time and money if they get back such skin as a result of having surgery. People find it troublesome to adapt to their new skin after surgery.

  • Negative feelings come back with excessive loose skin

Some people view that extra skin takes them back to their old life and connections with sensitive matters that they were working hard when they were overweight or obese, including nervousness, sadness, aloneness, and low self-esteem.

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