The Famous 2016 Korean Beauty Trends You Need To Know

Korean is pretty famous for starting the new beauty trends these days. This article will describe the latest Korean beauty trends of 2016 that became very famous and are still being used.

  • Wetness is the essence of life.

Water is always the very first ingredient every skin care product contains. Most of the companies use mineral- rich water instead of using distilled water so that they can have an active base. A brand in Korea uses thermal water with some mineral such as zanadium. Experts say that this water is beneficial for skin. Another brand by the name of Appriya uses minerals with a special water that has neutral ph balance. It is obtained from the Thai mountains. The silica and hydrogen peroxide contained in it is very beneficial for nails and hair. It is also used to clean up acne marks and inflammation.

  • Sparkling or still?

‘Carbonation is not good for health’ we hear it so often in the case of drinks and food. But when talking about the food for your skin carbonation is the new trend. The process involves a mixture of carbonated water and normal water in 1:1 ration. Dip your face in the mixture for a minute. This is the best cleaning technique used in Korea. It basically was initiated in Japan for cleaning the skin. The Korean celebrities use it more often. The fizz contained in carbonated water is supposed to firm and tone the skin.

  • Feed your skin with seaweed.

Seaweed is full of vitamins and nutrients which help in fighting against acne and hyper discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Most of the brands in Korea are now making seaweed masks for proper hydration delivery.

  • The topical Botox arms race.

Yes, this is the new trend in Korea. It is the first skin product that uses botulium. It is 95% similar to the Botox that one will get in the doctor’s office. The remaining 5% is the difference between being injectable rather than the topical product. While the results of the Botox can be seen within days, the results of this kind of treatment come a bit slow. It usually takes about four to five weeks to get full results. The only difference is that it is more natural and less harming to the body.

  • Turn the lights on.

Using LED lights at home is the new trend not only in Korea but all over the world. It not only reduces your electricity bill but also adds up to your beauty. Experts say that by using LED lights, you can see a clear difference in hyperpigmentation, scars, and wrinkles.

  • Shadowplay

Experts say that double coloring of lips and hair is the new trend in Korea. The process involves using the darker color on the inside of the lips and gradually lightening the color as you go towards the outer lips. It is also used to lightly apply the eyebrow pencil to the hairline to give it a fuller look for slim and sleek faces.


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