Fun Weight Loss Exercises

When it comes to weight loss exercise is one of the major things that will get you to your goal weight, along with a healthy diet of course. You will need to exercise quite a lot in order to achieve your desired weight and to get your goal body. It may be off-putting to think of exercising because let us be honest being a couch potato seems like the best thing ever, but believe it or not exercise can be quite fun sometimes as well.

Today we will be discussing some enjoyable weight loss exercises that won’t seem like a burden to you.


It might be hard to believe it, but swimming can help in burning up to 653 calories. All you have to do is swim a few laps every day and within days you will start seeing differences in your waistline, and you will be in better and more fit form than before which is always a plus.


This is one of my favorite forms of exercising, not only is it beneficial for your body, but the wind in your hair as you cycle past nature or even a busy street just freshens you up and puts you in a better mood. It is a cardiovascular exercise, so it is excellent for you and an hour of exercise can help you in burning 508 calories.


This exercise is one of the best full body workouts, and you don’t even need any equipment, just a pair of good shoes. An hour of jogging can help burn 435 calories and will help shed fat, boost your metabolic rate and fitness level as well.


Aerobic exercise helps lose weight and is a great cardio exercise. All you need is a 20 minutes session a few days a week, and you can lose all those unwanted calories very quickly. Search for a good aerobic workout routine that is known to be effective. Not only will it be super fun but it can help in your weight loss pursuits as well. You can even grab a friend to do it with you.

 Weight Training

This is the kind of exercise where not only you burn calories while doing the actual exercise but even after the exercise is over, you burn them non-stop for the next two days, 48 whole hours, does that not sound awesome? You will burn 363 calories per hour, so get yourself to the gym and lift some weights. It will help a lot.


Yes, dancing can not only help you lose weight but also tones up your body. Since this is the kind of activity where you have to keep up with the changing rhythm and routines, you will not get bored at all. Dancing raises your heartbeat and helps burn 254 calories per hour.


If you don’t completely feel up to jogging and dancing, then try walking. As simple as the exercise is it can help burn 167 calories per hour. Try to get some friends involved as well. Find a park or any route you like and just walk at a comfortable pace.

End Remarks

Find a workout that you are the most comfortable with and that you feel like you can follow. Then stick to it, and you will start seeing results soon.

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