The Famous 2016 Korean Beauty Trends You Need To Know

Korean is pretty famous for starting the new beauty trends these days. This article will describe the latest Korean beauty trends of 2016 that became very famous and are still being used.

  • Wetness is the essence of life.

Water is always the very first ingredient every skin care product contains. Most of the companies use mineral- rich water instead of using distilled water so that they can have an active base. A brand in Korea uses thermal water with some mineral such as zanadium. Experts say that this water is beneficial for skin. Another brand by the name of Appriya uses minerals with a special water that has neutral ph balance. It is obtained from the Thai mountains. The silica and hydrogen peroxide contained in it is very beneficial for nails and hair. It is also used to clean up acne marks and inflammation.

  • Sparkling or still?

‘Carbonation is not good for health’ we hear it so often in the case of drinks and food. But when talking about the food for your skin carbonation is the new trend. The process involves a mixture of carbonated water and normal water in 1:1 ration. Dip your face in the mixture for a minute. This is the best cleaning technique used in Korea. It basically was initiated in Japan for cleaning the skin. The Korean celebrities use it more often. The fizz contained in carbonated water is supposed to firm and tone the skin.

  • Feed your skin with seaweed.

Seaweed is full of vitamins and nutrients which help in fighting against acne and hyper discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Most of the brands in Korea are now making seaweed masks for proper hydration delivery.

  • The topical Botox arms race.

Yes, this is the new trend in Korea. It is the first skin product that uses botulium. It is 95% similar to the Botox that one will get in the doctor’s office. The remaining 5% is the difference between being injectable rather than the topical product. While the results of the Botox can be seen within days, the results of this kind of treatment come a bit slow. It usually takes about four to five weeks to get full results. The only difference is that it is more natural and less harming to the body.

  • Turn the lights on.

Using LED lights at home is the new trend not only in Korea but all over the world. It not only reduces your electricity bill but also adds up to your beauty. Experts say that by using LED lights, you can see a clear difference in hyperpigmentation, scars, and wrinkles.

  • Shadowplay

Experts say that double coloring of lips and hair is the new trend in Korea. The process involves using the darker color on the inside of the lips and gradually lightening the color as you go towards the outer lips. It is also used to lightly apply the eyebrow pencil to the hairline to give it a fuller look for slim and sleek faces.


You Lost the Weight – What about That Extra Skin?

When you try to lose a lot of weight, you wish of a toned and tighter, body. You don’t visualize excessive, loose skin. But that’s an actual likelihood, and can reason health harms and a pitiable image of self.

Why Doesn’t Skin Snap Back?

The firmness of your skin is dependent on the length of time you were overweight. It is of mere importance that how much pounds you shred. The lengthier it was pushed out, the less tendency of it to rebound.

The point of disappointment:

It’s disappointing to patients who have worked such hard and showed great commitment to their journey of losing weight. Now, if they are come up with new bodies with additional skin that doesn’t show their struggle.

Other harms to skin:

In addition to the unwanted looks of your skin, it can uproot a backache, infections, and rashes. Moreover, it can prevent you from being super active as you wanted.

Bothers and Burdens:

In addition to the embarrassment loose skin causes, it also leads you to have yeast infections and rashes.


Sweat becomes imprisoned, and you can have a rash. Therefore the application of any good quality cornstarch or powder is recommended as it will aid in the absorption of humidity.

Wearing of Loose garments:

While loose clothes can assist you too, loose skin makes it more difficult for you to get in shape.

No Easy Fix:

Gaining muscles will aid in the plumping of your skin, but there’s “no wonder lotion” or medication that will move and pull it back for adjustment. It is something that requires surgery. It can be costly. And, less than half percent of the patients acquired the desirable body shape according to researchers.

Loss of reconstruction:

Companies assert that such treatment is for cosmetic aims and does not reconstruct.

Anyhow, the most usually treated areas are tummy, arms, breasts, thighs, backside, male chest, and face.

If you keep the weight lost for six months, a physician will only eliminate excessive skin. And they will only treat not more than two areas at a time. In this way, the risk of complications is eliminated.

Scars after surgery:

No doubt, Surgery leave scars, but they can commonly be hidden with garments.

  • Body-Image Issues

In fact, not everyone wants to go for surgery. It may cost them high or may cause them feeling of fearfulness. Moreover, chances of success are not 100% which leads the people to think before going to have surgery if they should go for it or not. Another reason includes the presence of extra and loose skin acquired after surgery. People may feel a wastage of time and money if they get back such skin as a result of having surgery. People find it troublesome to adapt to their new skin after surgery.

  • Negative feelings come back with excessive loose skin

Some people view that extra skin takes them back to their old life and connections with sensitive matters that they were working hard when they were overweight or obese, including nervousness, sadness, aloneness, and low self-esteem.

How To Use Aloe Vera Juice For Weight Loss?

Aloe Vera plant is most widely used as a weight loss home remedy. It helps you to reduce extra body fat in most natural and effective way possible. This property of Aloe Vera comes from a yellow liquid present in its leaves which is commonly known as Aloe Vera Juice.

Aloe Vera Juice can be used in different consistencies along with various combinations of other ingredients. Some common ways to consume Aloe Vera Juice are with lemon juice, honey, and smoothies including kale smoothie and blueberry smoothie. A combination of fruits and cucumber with Aloe Vera smoothie is also quite popular.

Different Consistencies of Aloe Vera Juice

According to your needs, you can use Aloe Vera juice in different consistencies.

  • Plain Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is extracted from its leaves by cutting them vertically, after thoroughly cleaning them. Under the upper layer of Aloe Vera leaves you will find a gel-like mass. You can grind it to obtain the plain Aloe Vera juice.

  • Diluted Aloe Vera Juice

If the plain Aloe Vera juice is too strong for you and you don’t like how it tastes, then you can simply mix it with water to drink it in its diluted form.

Aloe Vera Juice with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice itself is a great home remedy for weight loss, but when mixed with aloe juice it makes an even more effective solution. To make this mixture of water, Aloe Vera juice and lemon juice less sour, you can add some artificial sweetener but only in small quantity.

Aloe Vera Juice with Honey

To avoid artificial sweeteners you can use honey instead of lemon juice in the above mixture.


A fresh smoothie after a morning walk or jog is the best way to kick off your day with a healthy intake. You can mix Aloe Vera juice with your daily smoothies to use them as an effective weight loss solution.

Aloe Vera Juice and Kale Smoothie

Make a smoothie using Aloe Vera juice and kale leaves (properly cut into small pieces) in 1 ratio 4. Blend this mixture with water and to add some extra flavor use dried fruits, ginger, and salt. Intake of this smoothie 2 to 3 times a day will give you desired results in no time.

For variation, you can use blueberry in place of kale and alternate their use on a weekly basis.

Aloe Vera Smoothie with Fruits and Cucumber

To make Aloe Vera juice taste better, you can always mix it with some fruits and cucumber. Fruits which complement Aloe Vera juice most are mangoes and oranges. Together with spinach, lime juice and coconut water they make a yummy drink which you should consume  2 to 3 times a day.


Before using Aloe Vera juice, you must keep in mind its side effects. Its intake must be limited because in an excessive amount it can cause dehydration and even diarrhea. It is also not recommended for people with blood pressure problems.

Fun Weight Loss Exercises

When it comes to weight loss exercise is one of the major things that will get you to your goal weight, along with a healthy diet of course. You will need to exercise quite a lot in order to achieve your desired weight and to get your goal body. It may be off-putting to think of exercising because let us be honest being a couch potato seems like the best thing ever, but believe it or not exercise can be quite fun sometimes as well.

Today we will be discussing some enjoyable weight loss exercises that won’t seem like a burden to you.


It might be hard to believe it, but swimming can help in burning up to 653 calories. All you have to do is swim a few laps every day and within days you will start seeing differences in your waistline, and you will be in better and more fit form than before which is always a plus.


This is one of my favorite forms of exercising, not only is it beneficial for your body, but the wind in your hair as you cycle past nature or even a busy street just freshens you up and puts you in a better mood. It is a cardiovascular exercise, so it is excellent for you and an hour of exercise can help you in burning 508 calories.


This exercise is one of the best full body workouts, and you don’t even need any equipment, just a pair of good shoes. An hour of jogging can help burn 435 calories and will help shed fat, boost your metabolic rate and fitness level as well.


Aerobic exercise helps lose weight and is a great cardio exercise. All you need is a 20 minutes session a few days a week, and you can lose all those unwanted calories very quickly. Search for a good aerobic workout routine that is known to be effective. Not only will it be super fun but it can help in your weight loss pursuits as well. You can even grab a friend to do it with you.

 Weight Training

This is the kind of exercise where not only you burn calories while doing the actual exercise but even after the exercise is over, you burn them non-stop for the next two days, 48 whole hours, does that not sound awesome? You will burn 363 calories per hour, so get yourself to the gym and lift some weights. It will help a lot.


Yes, dancing can not only help you lose weight but also tones up your body. Since this is the kind of activity where you have to keep up with the changing rhythm and routines, you will not get bored at all. Dancing raises your heartbeat and helps burn 254 calories per hour.


If you don’t completely feel up to jogging and dancing, then try walking. As simple as the exercise is it can help burn 167 calories per hour. Try to get some friends involved as well. Find a park or any route you like and just walk at a comfortable pace.

End Remarks

Find a workout that you are the most comfortable with and that you feel like you can follow. Then stick to it, and you will start seeing results soon.

Lose Your Weight With The Help Of Best Diet Pills

Losing weight is not an easy job at all because it is your body condition and you have to undertake tips very carefully. You cannot lose your weight within a day; week or month because you were gaining weight continuously and now it will take some time to lose your weight. In fact these days many dieting pills are also available in market that can help you in losing your weight. You can buy one depending on your need and requirement. Even many top actress and actors prefer these dieting pills and according to them they really work. Because of these pills only they look gorgeous and slim but they also say that before buying such pills you should know many things related to them.

Story behind the Melissa weight loss

Few time before Melissa McCarthy was in the news as she lost about 45+ pounds from her body and surprised everyone. After seeing this news people got crazy and most of them also decided to lose the weight. But before that she really suffered from her overweight problem and now she looks dam gorgeous. The pills that she used had Garcinia Cambogia as their main ingredient and this is biggest secret of her weight loss. The garcinia boosts the metabolism and reduces your weight. So, if you also want to lose your weight and want to become free from such a problem than you can Melissa McCarthy diet pills. These pills are easily available in the market but along with it you need do exercises on a daily basis.

Weight loss plan

Along with the dieting pills you can follow the given weight loss plan as it was followed by Melissa also.

Breakfast: You should do breakfast at 8 AM. In breakfast you should have 4 egg whites scrambled and grilled chicken about 3 ounces. 1 cup mixed veggies along with this you can have 1 green smoothie. For making green smoothie you will need almond milk, spinach, apple, chia seeds and kale leaves.

Late morning breakfast: You can do this breakfast at 11 AM and it will be healthy for you. In this meal you can have 1 cup of green tea, 1 bowl steamed broccoli along with pepper and garlic and 4 ounces of wild cod.

Lunch: Lunch should be fully power packed. In lunch you can have 1 cup blended quinoa, 1 cup green tea, 8 ounces of chicken breast which should be grilled. In lunch you can also have 1 weight loss pill. You should do it around 2 PM.

Dinner: In dinner you can have 1 cup of veggies which should be steamed, you can eat veggies according to your liking. Along with this, you can have 6 ounces of lean grass topped with sliced avocado. And then you can have 1 weight loss pill again.

 Late night supper:  In late night supper, you can have 28 grams of raw almonds they are best for both body and brain.  Along with this you can have 4 ounces of ground Turkey which should be fat free and you can top it with hot sauce of your choice.